Book plans for young people living on the St Raphael’s Estate in Neasden

Andre Anderson plans to pen a book called the Authors of the Estate

Andre Anderson plans to pen a book called the Authors of the Estate - Credit: Archant

A book written by young people living on a housing estate in Neasden will be created through a series of workshops over the summer.

Andre Anderson, who lives on the St Raphael’s Estate, is the brains behind Authors of the Estate – a book containing stories, articles and poems, including rap, penned by his neighbours.

The 22-year-old’s plan is being funded by Starbucks Youth Action, a project for young people between the ages of 16 and 24 which aims to bring their ideas to life through a training programme.


Mr Anderson said: “St.Raphael’s Estate has always been seen in a very negative light and this has not only affected the way outsiders see us but how we view ourselves. Teenagers on this estate feel there is no hope, resulting in a lot of youth crime.

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“The estate is full of young people who are full of potential. My idea is to gather the amazing storytellers of this estate and show them their great skill and creativity should not be wasted, and instead, used to artistic greatness by creating an anthology the area can be proud of.”

The book will be a permanent sign of the potential and talent of young people living on the estate and will be delivered to every household in the neighbourhood.

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“This will spark a conversation. When people pick up the book, they will be able to see that people on my estate came together to write a book,” Mr Anderson said.

“Having a book hosted by locals but funded by Starbucks will bring great pride to the residents. I want them to see our area differently and dream bigger.”

Simon Redfern, European corporate affairs director at Starbucks said: “Andre’s vision to help the young people see the possibility in themselves and those around them is truly inspirational. His project is a shining example of how young people can inspire each other to take action against crime and violence and celebrate each other’s achievements.”

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