Bold Cricklewood mural heralds the development of Brent Cross Town

A bold new mural in Claremont Way

A bold new mural in Claremont Way to herald the development of Brent Cross Town - Credit: John Sturrock

A parade of shops in Cricklewood have been brighten up with a colourful new mural.

Argent Related (AR), developers of the Brent Cross Town, unveiled its first piece of public artwork, a large-scale mural covering the gable wall on the parade of shops on Claremont Way.

Artist and illustrator Annu Kilpeläinen was chosen to design the mural as her work "has a feel-good aesthetic and is inherently euphoric with its use of bright, rich colours", AR said.

Commissioned to enliven the space for local people and passers-by during the development of Brent Cross Town, the temporary artwork shows a blossoming flower being held by three different hands, set against a bright blue sky.

Annu said: “This has been a fascinating project to work on.

"I have really enjoyed delving into the history of the area but also interpreting the feedback from members of the local community and I hope that they feel the mural is reflective of their want to have a joyful piece of artwork that shows the diversity of their community at a key moment in its growth.”

The mural incorporates feedback from the community on how they identify with Brent Cross, what should be celebrated locally and the emotions they wanted it to convey.

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They said the existing gable end of the building was uninspiring and in need of refresh.

To represent an element of local history, Annu drew on the work of local botanist, William Cattley, who lived in Barnet from 1788-1835.

Cllr Daniel Thomas, leader of Barnet Council, said: “The new artwork, which celebrates a piece of Barnet’s history, is a wonderful addition to the area.

"I look forward to seeing more public art come forward as part of the development and hope our local communities will continue to be part of the artistic process.”

Nick Searl, partner of AR, said: “The feedback and contributions of the local community have been essential to the creation of this fantastic piece of artwork and Annu has done a remarkable job of encapsulating all if it.

"The mural revitalises the parade of shops of Claremont Way and we hope it will become a local landmark for the development, signifying the bold beginning of the new Brent Cross Town neighbourhood.”