Brent motorists hit with 2,633 blue badge penalty notices in 2020

Badges like these have been seized

Badges like these have been seized - Credit: Archant

Brent is in the top 10 boroughs in London for doling out blue badge related fines to motorists abusing the system.

The research, by, collected and analysed Freedom of Information requests to councils around the UK, revealing the areas with the highest number of blue badge offences.

Motorists in Brent were handed the 7th highest number in 2020 with 2,663 PCNs issued. 

Brent is seventh in London for Blue Badge fraud

Brent is seventh in London for Blue Badge fraud - Credit:

Barking and Dagenham were top with 3,714 fines issued.

A blue badge offence includes using an invalid badge, or a badge by an unauthorised person, the use of a lost or stolen badge and parking in a disabled space without clearly displaying a blue badge. 

As previously reported Blue Badge fraud doubled in Brent in 2014.

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Joel Kempson, car insurance expert at said: “The blue badge scheme was introduced by the government to help those with mobility issues park close to where they need to go. 

“Drivers who abuse the blue badge policy could face a fine of up to £1,000. Yet despite the risk of hefty penalties, it’s clear the law is disregarded by many motorists risking large fines to park for free or closer to their destination."

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