Beat Around The Bush: Why QPR boss Chris Ramsey is the right man for the job

QPR head coach Chris Ramsey

QPR head coach Chris Ramsey - Credit: EMPICS Sport

QPR blogger Harvey Stevens says Rangers supporters will need to be patient as they rebuild in the Championship.

After a bitterly disappointing relegation campaign, the rebuilding job that now faces Chris Ramsey and QPR is monumental. The yo-yo nature which the club has been victim to in recent years just isn’t sustainable.

Stability is essential, on the field and off it as well. After years of digging too deep into Tony Fernandes’ pockets, something has to change, and the fans have to change with the times and be patient, because it’s not going to happen overnight.

One of the most challenging hurdles that Ramsey has come up against was the mass exodus of players after we went down. After losing first-team players such as Richard Dunne, Bobby Zamora and Joey Barton, Ramsey has found himself having to stitch up holes left by these departures.

They were replaced with young and hungry players plucked from lower leagues and abroad to try and provide the flair, energy and grit that the Harry Redknapp- style 30-something players wouldn’t have. Who better to channel this potential into productivity than development specialist Ramsey?

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The squad, however, is not good enough, nor ready, for a promotion push. After such a clear-out, it will take time for everyone to settle in, gel and build the ability to play with each other. We saw at Charlton that the understanding between the players is not quite there, and the disjointed pre-season has only harmed squad morale and fitness.

It might take a few months to get into the swing of things, but the most important thing is that Ramsey has set the foundation for things to come. The heavy involvement of the likes of Cole Kpekawa, Darnell Furlong, Brandon Comley and Reece Grego-Cox has proved his faith in the club’s youngsters, which no manager has done for years.

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Ultimately, patience is now the key for success at Loftus Road. For the club to achieve their goals, the board and the fans have to stick with Ramsey. With financial fair play still hanging over our heads, and a whole new team, promotion is pretty much unachievable this season.

Consolidation is what the club needs, to provide a platform for a promotion push within the next two or three years in order to cement the club at the highest level possible. If Ramsey is backed and supported the club will reap the rewards in the long-term.

He’s not the promotion master that Neil Warnock was, but he’s the perfect man for the reformation needed. It’s going to take time, make no mistake, but Ramsey is the ideal man to take the club forward, and he has my complete faith.

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