Beat around the Bush

NEIL Warnock said, when picking up the Manager of the Month award for August 2010, that nothing is won in August – except the manager’s award. Well, here it is, April 2011, that time of the season when things most definitely are won: promotion, title and ‘Golden Gloves’!

One thing has already been settled – Championship Player of the Season. Take a bow our very own Adel Taarabt. It was no surprise to me that Taarabt won this coveted award.

Simply put, he has been terrific for us this season. He has lit up many a game, made mugs of many an opposition’s defence, thrilled supporters and pundits alike, and was rightly rewarded.

We have won many more matches thanks to Taarabt’s audacity than we may otherwise have done, but we are definitely NOT a one-man team – and Taarabt rightly acknowledged the role of his team-mates in allowing him the freedom and luxury to be so creative, impudent and tempestuous.

What else will April bring us? Like you, I stare at the league table trying to work out THE game which will bring us our coveted ‘Holy Grail’ of automatic promotion.

Then, I try to work out which game will see us crowned champions; and then I start to imagine the partying! And what a party it will be – VitalQPR friends, new Twitter mates, old QPR buddies – there isn’t anyone I won’t be partying with!

May I take this opportunity of thanking all my QPR friends in helping me through these hugely enjoyable but equally nerve-wracking nine months? The hopes and dreams of the early months have turned slowly into a deep-seated belief that this year could very well be our year – at last!

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But without you all there to help me conquer my nerves through a relatively difficult December, or to tell me not to worry and it will be fine, as we recovered from disappointing away performances at Hull, Preston and Millwall, I do not know how I would have coped with this interminable season. Is it just me, or has it gone on way longer than usual? You know what I am going through – because you are going through it yourselves!

And now, finally, after the elongated international break, we embark on the final chapter. How will it be written? What will the records say come May 7? Will we be waxing lyrical or weeping into our beers?

Whatever happens – this has been an incredible journey and I am so very proud of our beloved QPR. Come on you Rs!