Beat around the Bush

SO here we are then, our Everest Rest Camp Four. A brief respite.

Time to rest our weary bodies, time to sooth our tormented minds. Time to steel our jangled nerves, before the final push for the summit that still towers above us, though tantalisingly close now after our exertions.

It’s grown closer, nearer, as we’ve toiled and fought our way onwards and upwards – climbing, battling, winning, succeeding, sweeping aside the challenges to find ourselves here, on the final slopes of the ascent to the top.

Sapped of energy, drained of emotion, giddy from the heights, our breath laboured in the rarefied atmosphere from the turmoil of our toil, our hearts bursting with the heavy weight of expectation, pumping hard with anticipation, we eye the distant goal in hope, in awe, mindful of our achievements, but focused on the path ahead.

Still it is challenging, still there is danger, still the threat of stumbling, falling from these lofty heights, the heartache of being so close yet failing after this marathon climb to the very top.

Through the clarity of the closeness, the enormity of the task is apparent, as we turn to survey the distance we have come. Our achievements, though huge and real, pale into insignificance before the final hurdle. They will be little comfort if we do not complete the journey to the top of our world.

Through it all, anxiety has plagued us like a swarm of mosquitoes, the whining siren of doubt has filled our ears and our minds with the venom of possible failure. The bitter taste of defeat has hung, potential with every step, but it is time to cast those doubts aside.

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Such thoughts are delusions, brought about by the position in which we find ourselves. Though the final conquest brings its own challenges, are those challenges any more arduous or more testing than those we have faced and conquered along the tortuous path already trodden?

Does the closeness of our goal diminish our achievement while magnifying the challenges ahead? Surely our achievements along the way demonstrate our resilience, and ability to overcome the challenges ahead.

Gather round my brave fellows, our triumphs have been many, our celebrations hearty, and our sorrows few. Glory is within our grasp. We are strong of heart, prepared and ready to take the prize we have coveted for so long.

Soon we will challenge the final stage of this epic campaign, the final climb. To the top, to the very top, to the top of our world.