Beat around the Bush

AFTER a wallet-pummelling 10 games since February 1, at least the lack of Championship fixtures last weekend gave us the opportunity to sleep while the internationals took place.

I’d rather not have the break myself, but at least it gave me the opportunity to consider and complete the recent on-line ticket survey that did the rounds recently.

One of the questions was “How much would you pay for a season ticket were we to make the Premier League?” and I have to admit I spent a long time thinking about that.

I now believe we will indeed reach the promised land barring a total disaster, so now is the time to consider what I’m willing to pay to watch four fewer home and away games next season, albeit at a higher level.

My feeling is we’re only likely to fill the ground when the current top six are in town and West Ham, if they survive.

Yes, I’d be willing to pay a premium to watch the top six at Loftus Road, but I can’t see fans queuing in South Africa Road for a Tuesday night fixture at home to Stoke, with the greatest respect – unless of course we need to win to make the Champions League! Well it is nearly five years, isn’t it?!

After a lengthy thought process and with the aid of my calculator, I decided that perhaps the club should revert to grading matches like they used to, if only to keep the support rolling in for some of the less attractive games.

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This whole subject will need some very careful thought by the money men, because I really can’t see fans shelling out silly money to watch a home match against Blackpool on a Sunday afternoon and I’m sure the board would like to see a full Loftus Road for every game. The Premier League is not like it used to be when we were last there.

If it’s priced fairly, I can see us filling the ground for every match and wouldn’t a heaving Loftus Road be intimidating for some visiting sides? That alone would probably be worth a few points!

Another factor might be who we sign in the close season, because we all love a new signing or two, don’t we?

I reached the conclusion that I would indeed pay slightly more than I’m paying now, hurt as it might, but I did put a limit on it.

Here’s hoping that we’re discussing Premier League prices in a month’s time!