Beat around the Bush

I’M fortunate enough (or ancient enough) to remember QPR’s last five promotions, dating back to 1967, but I don’t ever recall feeling this nervous about the ending of a season – and that includes that never to be forgotten night in 1976, when we sat on the edge of our seats supporting Wolverhampton Wanderers’ efforts against Liverpool. I’m told that some of our fans actually camped outside the ground shouting for Wolves!

What I can’t quite get to grips with is why I, and indeed many others I know (she knows who she is) are feeling this way? I cried after we missed out in 1976, but I think I’d be hysterical if we fail to make it this season!

If you take a look at the facts, when we have been promoted, apart from 1968 when we progressed to the top flight on what was then ‘goal average’, all our other promotions have been relatively straightforward. It seems that once we make the top two, we tend to stay there.

In recent weeks, it seems that whenever we feel under threat from the teams around us, they tend to fall away.

I actually can’t remember when we weren’t at least five points clear. Well actually I can, but I don’t want to think about it!

I think the reason behind this ‘fear’ I have in my head is the fact that, apart from a spell at the end of October – and, technically, week two on alphabetical order behind Millwall – we’ve of course been top all season, as if you didn’t know, and the strain is becoming unbearable.

This is beginning to feel like the longest season I’ve ever known, despite all the positive vibes from earlier promotions.

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Of course we’re not there yet anyway, but you can’t help dreaming at the prospect of paying a �26 administration fee for a ticket in the top flight, can you?

Oh well, I guess as the weeks progress we’ll get a clearer picture and hopefully fewer draws, but I don’t think I could bear the thought of it all going down to the last game at home to Leeds. The nerves simply wouldn’t stand it.

I don’t think I could face the prospect of a play-off position or a final either, in the event we don’t make it automatically.

So please QPR, can we get promoted as soon as possible so I can have my life back and cease being a gibbering wreck?