Beat around the Bush

I THINK I have to learn what being a successful team actually means. There are many things to consider.

I have noticed that everyone seems out to get us (or am I just paranoid?!). On the other hand, I have noticed that many more people are talking about us very positively.

Recently, I was wearing my QPR shirt while shopping and I was accosted by a man who just had to tell me how delighted he was that QPR were doing so well and he really couldn’t wait to have us back “where we belong” – and he was a Chelsea fan (I kid you not!).

It made me feel all warm and tingly inside hearing that from a stranger. And proud that I, who have followed this team of ours since the early 70s, through thick and thin and even thinner, am a Rangers fan.

There is good and bad, in equal measure, associated with being successful. But what I am not sure about is whether Rangers being shown on television yet again is good or bad.

I used to love the idea that I could watch a live game involving QPR which I would otherwise not have been able to see (despite our ‘curse’ of the televised game.)

But now there is the nuisance of television changing the date of a match and messing up all my best-laid plans – and yours too. The Reading game has moved to the day of my daughter’s 21st birthday – bang went all those super plans I had made to celebrate at the Madejski Stadium. Although we are having a watching-football-on-TV party at home instead – she’s got her priorities right, has that one!

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Then, to cap it all, I booked to go to my brother-in-law’s place in Nice for a half-term break next month – only to have the Nottingham Forest game moved to the very Sunday I’d just booked to fly out on.

Yes, I did try to change the flights but there weren’t any suitable flights available.

So now I have to miss the Forest game – and yes, that IS bad.

Oh well, I guess that, should QPR win promotion this year (hopefully!), I am going to have to get used to this new concept – because Premier League teams are shown on television an awful lot.

Ok, I admit it, I think I’d rather like to get used to that after all...