Beat around the Bush

THANKS to the weather, I guess we’ll have to wait to see if QPR can equal their undefeated record, but at least it keeps us top of the table for a little longer with very few games taking place.

I can’t help wondering, though, if we’ve all gone soft? Match postponed because of conditions in the surrounding area?

I’m sure that, when I was a lad, that simply wasn’t an issue at all. Football fans are an adaptable lot and will move mountains in an effort to get to the game.

It did bring a smile to my face watching Middlesbrough play Hull on a snow-covered pitch last week, if only to watch Hull playing in white, but I do wonder if perhaps some of the weekend fixtures could have gone ahead?

This would never have happened in the “wonderful” Omniturf days, would it? I still remember QPR’s home game against Barnsley taking place and also being shown on Match Of The Day, when the rest of the country’s fixtures had been wiped out.

The weather was in danger of dominating events in the UK for the entire week until D- Day for the World Cup finally arrived last Thursday.

Disappointing as it is, I don’t have any issue with Russia securing the 2018 World Cup, despite the controversies surrounding their award, but Qatar in 2022?

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I don’t have any issue with Qatar as a country or its people, but awarding a tournament of this magnitude to a country with a population of approximately 1.7 million, which as a comparison, is similar to the population of north London or Northern Ireland, totally defies belief.

Maybe that’s where England’s bid went wrong? Perhaps it should have been a British bid with a commitment to build 12 new grounds in Northern Ireland, because after all, it is a growing and developing part of the UK and not only in footballing terms. If nothing else, the climate would have been right.

Anyway, I won’t be considering travelling to Qatar, if only because watching the beautiful game in a no-expense spared, air-conditioned stadium and exiting the ground in a potential 50 degrees, is not my idea of fun and is a grotesque waste of resources and money.

Give me a snow-covered pitch, a shovel, iced-up pavements or a brolly any day of the week and let’s watch some real football!

Do they serve Bovril in Qatar?