Beat around the Bush

WHAT to write? I think we’re all a bit stunned. The boards seem so much quieter, the debates subdued and fewer fans offering opinions.

It’s almost as though success doesn’t sit easily with QPR fans. Are we too used to a diet of turmoil and dashed hopes to revel in the sumptuous fare now on offer?

It’s been so long. Do we feel this heady mix is no longer for us? Has the meagre diet we’ve endured for so long slaked our appetite for such celebration?

Does the reality of what we’ve all hoped for so long fail to match our dreams? Are we frightened that if we gorge ourselves on this feast it will be snatched away from us like so many lesser morsels before?

We’re top of the league…..

Are we scared to believe this could be our year? After 15 years’ absence from the top flight, we could be returning.

How will we fare? Up and down in a season? Fifteen years of hope obliterated with a paltry points tally, a season of embarrassment, and an ignominious return whence we came?

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We’re top of the league…..

Yes, there are those who are gung ho about our promotion chances and the certainty of us beating every team we meet (or at least not losing). But the rest of us have taken on a listlessness, mesmerised by the prospects.

Real or illusionary? Delivered or dashed? (Again). There’s just so much to worry about now there’s nothing happening but stability and success.

We’re Queens Park Rangers.

Or is it just me? It’s getting close. Being so poSITIVe last season and having a clear blueprint of exactly how we would gain promotion was a salutary lesson for me when we bombed.

I decided to be more circumspect this time around and not commit to any rash conclusions before Christmas, now just three fixtures away as you read this.

It’s getting close to getting off the fence. Which way should I jump? We’ve done so well so far.

Can it last? Are we faltering? Are there shocks just around the corner? And yet…

We’re top of the league.