Beat around the Bush

DO you know how much it costs you to follow your team? Perhaps you don’t want to know!

The season ticket was paid for up front last May. So, before the season starts, you have shelled out hundreds of pounds to guarantee that you will have a seat for every home game. And, of course, when we get to Wembley (!!) that season ticket will guarantee you a seat to watch us win the FA Cup.

But what about all those hidden extras? Every home game, my friends and I go to a lovely caf� in Bloemfontein Road, just around the corner from the ground, for a delicious plate of egg and chips (baked beans optional), and a proper mug of tea – made from tea leaves, not those tea-bag phoneys.

That usually costs around �8 for my daughter and me; but others have a real slap-up with bacon, eggs, sausages – the works – a much more extravagant dish! Then it’s off to the sweet shop to buy our half-time snacks – Mars Bar for me, Crunchie for my daughter. She used to have chewing gum but as we haven’t lost since she forgot to buy some for the opening game of the season, I have forbidden her to chew gum now – unless we start losing (heaven forbid!) – then I’ll permit her that extra luxury.

Ready for the game now? No way! We will pop into the Springbok to see our VitalQPR mates for a quick drink. A pint of Guiness is now a whopping �3.20. My preferred pre-match drink is a Smirnoff Ice, at �2.80, and Amy usually has a Coke (�1.10). And that’s if you just have one!

Then there’s the programme at �3, half-time drinks, drinks after the game; and I haven’t even mentioned the long queues in the club shop! Need a new scarf? What about a cuddly toy for the youngster? The 2011 calendar, or maybe the annual – let alone a new home shirt.

After all, you couldn’t possibly wear last year’s as the Lotto badge is in the wrong place!

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Don’t forget travel costs. And all these expenses are just for a home game. What if you go to away games, as I do? You must get the picture by now. Frightening what one spends, isn’t it?

Following your team is a very expensive business. But you must surely agree – if we get promoted this year, it will have been worth every single penny!