Beat around the Bush

NOT much to write about really.

No management turmoil, no alleged altercations in the dressing room. The club has moved to quell rumours said to have emanated from Mr Briatore and even suggestions of another major shareholder have subsided.

It seems Messrs Briatore and Ecclestone are content to continue assisting in the funding of the club, and have no intention of selling after all. Neil Warnock continues to make the on-field decisions, and the owners continue to support him without intruding.

In a word, ‘stability’, and in another word, ‘harmony’. How often did we crave those in prior seasons?

And Rangers are still top. So there’s stability in that too. But… we’re getting caught.

Neil’s notion that it takes 10 or so games before the season takes shape is now upon us. There is, as predicted, a dogfight between promotion candidates, which we have hitherto escaped by avoiding the contenders. Has our time now come?

Looking at the table prior to the Bristol game, QPR had yet to play the next three top teams, and had only managed draws against the following three.

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They had beaten Ipswich in eighth, but their other wins had been against seven of the nine teams between 14th and 22nd in the table. Put that way, does the start to the season lose some of its lustre?

The team, although hardly recognisable from the players fielded last season, is another area of stability – all settled, and thankfully, little troubled by injury.

But is it time to ring in the changes? Give some of the players a rest and a chance to shake off those niggling carried injuries? How do you balance this with the desire for stability in the team, and the aim of players developing a sixth sense for where team-mates will be?

And who to bring in? Buzz obviously stakes a claim. But Martin Rowlands, Lee Cook, Legs, Fitz Hall, Pat Agyemang, Gavin Mahon, Gary Borrowdale? Sadly, do they have an air of last season’s team? A bygone era or a little pass�, perhaps?

A bit like last year’s shirt? Great at the time, and I’m still very fond of it, but things have moved on, and seemingly for the better. Would reverting to last year’s shirt be a retrograde step?

How about fielding the above players? Hogan and Heidar may have been rejuvenated, but would the rest be?

Is it worth finding out, or might that risk our current standing?