Battle for road crossing in Kensal Triangle is a step closer

Islands at busy junction will be widened as part of a three month trial

The campaign for a crossing at a busy junction is a step closer to achieving its goal.

For the past two years, members of Kensal Triangle Residents’ Association have been battling to make the junction between the top of Ladbroke Grove and Harrow Road safer.

It is used daily by hundreds of pedestrians including schoolchildren, parents with small children, elderly people and shoppers but yet there is no safe place to cross.

After years of debating who is responsible for the stretch of road, it has been agreed to widen the islands in each arm of the junction to make more room for people to stand when waiting to cross.

There will be a three month trial and if it works the structures will be made permanent.

Two-thirds of the junction is in Westminster while Brent and Kensington and Chelsea are responsible for a corner each.

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The plans were decided at a meeting chaired by Labour MP for Hampstead and Kilburn, Glenda Jackson, with representatives from each of the councils as well as residents from the area.

Jay Venn, of Kensal Triangle Residents’ Association, said: “It is a positive development but it has been slow. We have decided to put in temporary widened refuges so there is a safer place to be when crossing. That is not the full solution and we will be keeping on the pressure until we get a pedestrian phase on the lights.”

It is believed Transport for London (TfL) will look at re-phasing lights but it is not sure whether that will include a green man crossing.

Glenda Jackson said: “The argument that the islands need to be widened for safety is something that was agreed.

“We are hoping for the trial expansions to be put in place over Christmas and if it works then they will remain permanent.

“There is discussion about a green man crossing but we can’t make predictions on that issue.”

Meanwhile, campaigners are urging parents and pupils who use the crossing, as well as schools in the area, to have their say about the junction. Email