Asda store in Wembley served noise notice after seven years of complaints

Asda Wembley Superstore which is causing a blight on nearby resident's lives

Asda Wembley Superstore which is causing a blight on nearby resident's lives - Credit: Archant

Supermarket chiefs in Wembley are being served a notice to sort out persistent noise made in its car park following seven years of complaints by residents.

Cllr MIchael Pavey

Cllr MIchael Pavey - Credit: Archant

Brent Council has served Asda Wembley Superstore, in Forty Lane, with a noise abatement notice which could see the supermarket giant fined up to £20,000 if breached.

The notice prohibits noise nuisance from all non-emergency external store and car park maintenance works likely to cause nuisance to residents between 9pm and 8am Monday to Saturday and 5pm and 10am on Sundays.

Councillors and residents in Barnhill claim Asda employees slam gates in the middle of the night and supermarket bosses have failed to deter joy riders in their car park.

Beata Krawczyk, who lives on Chalkhill Road, said: “We have major concerns. This has been causing us problems for the last seven years. There are maintenance works in the car park at stupid hours of the morning, at midnight, 2am. They bring contractors in and when we speak to them they tell us they have permission from Asda.

“Delivery staff coming very early in the morning drop the baskets and boxes and shout across at each other with no concern for residents. The council has had many meetings with them but they’ve done nothing for seven years.”

Cllr Michael Pavey, representative of Barn Hill, said: “Asda is making residents’ lives an absolute misery.

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“It has been threatened with action in previous months but has always stepped back from the brink, then the problems start up again.

“Instead of this selfish and arrogant behaviour managers should get together with residents and the council to resolve these terrible noise problems once and for all.”

A spokeswoman from Brent Council said the council was serving a noise abatement notice following resident complaints of noisy maintenance works taking place at sensitive times.

She added: “We want to continue fairly supporting residents and businesses alike. We carefully consider every course of action available in these situations to make sure that this remains the case.”

Mo Miah, Asda Wembley store manager, said: “We take this very seriously and have already implemented a number of changes at the store. Asda will continue to work closely with the council and local residents whilst such matters are resolved.”

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