Motorist who made two short trips to Asda in one day is given parking fine in error claiming he was there for SIX HOURS

'A bloody liberty!': John Wood received a fine for parking in Asda for more than six hours. He actua

'A bloody liberty!': John Wood received a fine for parking in Asda for more than six hours. He actually made two brief, separate, visits six hours apart. Picture: Jonathan Goldberg - Credit: Jonathan Goldberg

Popping to Asda for a pint of milk then returning six hours later to buy a newspaper nearly landed a Wembley motorist a £70 fine.

John Woods, who runs the Barnhill Residents Association, was shocked to receive a parking ticket alleging he had parked his car for six hours and three minutes in Asda Superstore’s car park, instead of the two short visits he had actually made.

The 68-year-old returned from a holiday in Paris on August 9 and drove the three miles to the superstore in Forty Lane at 1.50pm. He was there for a few minutes.

He jumped back in his car just before 8pm the same day and headed back to the store to buy a copy of the newspaper.

Now, thanks to intervention from the Brent & Kilburn Times, Asda has cancelled his fine, admitting it was issued in error.

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Mr Woods said: “I went in at 1.53pm to buy a pint of milk as I was just back from holiday and wanted a cup of tea. In the evening I returned to buy the paper just before 8pm. I certainly didn’t spend six hours and three minutes in there. I only live around the corner and it only takes me three minutes to drive. This is the last time I’m going to Asda.

“The crazy thing is their camera got me going in and going out but I didn’t spend six hours there in the interim.”

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The retired financial advisor, who lives with wife Judy in Midholm, added: “They sent me a ticket for £70 saying if I pay within two weeks it’s £40.

“The ticket is from Car Park Solution, Asda must subcontract them. It’s a bloody liberty. I’ve been to Asda numerous times and now some smart a*** hasn’t seen I’ve been in twice. Has this happened to anyone else?”

When we told Mr Woods the good news about the cancelled fine, he had not heard from the supermarket yet.

He said: “I only thought I was trying to protect other people. Then I spoke to Cllr Shafique Choudhary (Barnhill, Lab) who told me the same thing happened to him two years ago.

“So there must be other people who have fallen victim to this. Thank you very much for your help.”

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