Appeal to find owner of pregnant cat found in Park Royal

Expectant moggy discovered by staff at Sound Mastering in Steel Road

Most expectant mothers do their best to search out peace and quiet when carrying their children but a pregnant cat found a slightly different place to give birth.

Staff at Sound Mastering in Steel Road, Park Royal, were first alerted to the presence of a predator after spotting a half-eaten rat in the yard in early September.

The business is a music mastering studio which works on songs in between mixing and duplicating a CD.

A few brief sights of the cat followed as days went by and rumour of a new uninvited member of the workforce grew before the creature was found.

Duncan Cowell, of Sound Mastering, said: “She was incredibly thin when we found her, but she’d hidden herself away so well that we couldn’t reach her, so we went and bought some cat food and left it as close to her as we could get it.

“She caught on straight away and wolfed down several cans in two days.

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“On the third day she came out and said hello and was very affectionate.

“It was only at that point that we realised she’d had three kittens very recently.”

With the cat and its young due for a check-up from a vet soon, the team at Sound Mastering are now calling on her owner to come forward.

Duncan said: “They are all doing well and the kittens have just opened their eyes. We are happy to keep the mother and find good homes for the kittens if no one comes forward, but if someone is missing her, they should get in touch.”

n If you recognise the cat and want to get in touch, email or call 020 8961 1741.