Annual report claims 24 Brent Council employees on six-figure salary packages

Figures revealed by Taxpayers’ Alliance also claims Gareth Daniel, chief executive, earned �203,342 last year

Brent Council employed 24 people who were on salary packages worth more than �100,000 last year, according to annual figures released by a pressure group today (Wednesday).

The ‘Town Hall Rich List’, which is complied by the Taxpayers’ Alliance (TA), claims Brent had the 21st highest number of workers taking home six-figure packages in England between April 2010 and April last year.

The report also states that Gareth Daniel, Brent Council’s chief executive, earned �203,342 - �60,842 more than Prime Minister David Cameron.

The local authority, which according to TA has one of the highest pension deficits in the county, also contributed �28,793 to Mr Daniel’s pension pot.

However, the figure is down from the previous year when Mr Daniel earned �205,077 and his employers’ pension contributions amounted to �44,807.

The former director of environment and culture, who left their post in September 2010, received a redundancy package worth �111,155 bringing their final payment for the 12 months leading up to April last year to �230,342.

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The figures have angered campaigners who have been opposing swathing cuts in then borough as the council attempts to save around �104million over four years.

Casualties so far includes half of the boroughs libraries, day care centres and nurseries.

In the next 12 months a �14m cuts programme will see a reduction in funds for disabled children’s transport, funding slashed from projects designed to raise awareness of mental health issues in schools and the Connexion scheme left with a �500,000 blackhole.

The project provides information, advice and guidance to teenagers and anyone up to the age of 25 with special needs or learning disabilities.

Sarah Cox, from Brent Fightback told the Times the figures were shocking.

She added: “This is an enormous amount of money. The salaries are very high.”

Helen Marcus, of Anson Road, Cricklewood, has been campaigning to stop Willesden Green Library from being demolished, she said: “It’s an outrage.

“They are supposed to be civil servants but they are cutting our front line services and they have done it in such a dreadful way. I think it is about time there was a proper audit of these salaries.”

A Brent Council spokesman refuted the figures stating in 20010/11 there were 18 employees receiving salary packages of more than �100,000 not 24.

He added: “The figures provided by The Taxpayers Alliance are misleading.

“Brent Council staff have had a three year pay freeze with no inflationary or annual increase.

“The council does not pay bonuses or performance related pay awards to any group of staff. The accurate salaries of senior officers are published on our website for public scrutiny.”

To see the figures on the council’s website visit