Angie Stone to perform at the Jazz Cafe this month

Grammy Award nominated vocalist has been performing for three decades

Grammy Award nominated, legendary soul and R&B vocalist, Angie Stone will be performing live for three nights at the Jazz Caf� this month.

For three decades, Angie has been surprising audiences, critics, peers and the music industry itself with her musical talents.

Born and raised in the Southern gospel tradition she has mapped a life-long journey that encompasses rap, neo-soul, hip-hop, R&B, jazz and more.

Along the way, attempts to pin her down according to this category or that movement have been challenging if not impossible.

With each new recording, with each next step in her career, she has consistently hit the world with something it did not see coming.

Angie’s last album ‘Unexpected’, which was released last year, is a diverse mix of styles and colours, whilst almost always upbeat and forward thinking.

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Angie’s father died while she was recording Unexpected and she said his death had a marked influence on the album.

“This recording marks a change in my life,” she said.

“I emerged at the end of the process with an album that was different from anything I have done before.

“It’s something that no one would have anticipated coming from me.

“My father always encouraged me and everyone else he knew to reach out and make a leap of faith, and that’s exactly what I have done.”

Angie Stone will be appearing at the Jazz Caf� in Parkway, Camden, from June 14 - 17.

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