Anger mounts as rubbish piles up in Neasden

Residents and traders say Brent Council is ‘passing the buck’

FURIOUS residents and traders have accused the council of endangering people by refusing to clear mounds of rubbish dumped in a side street.

Piles of discarded mattresses, clothes, and other waste have been left to rot in a small road which runs behind the North Circular, in Neasden.

But traders and residents living near the dumping ground claim Brent Council has refused to clear it, and told them to do it themselves.

Don Hodge, director of the Collect and Connect electrical supplies shop, which backs on to the street, has pledged not to pay his business rates until the site is permanently cleared.

Mr Hodge, who has run the shop for more than 20 years, said: “I have found human excrement, used toilet paper and needles among the rubbish.

“It is attracting rats and is really unpleasant for the people who live and work round here.

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“I have called the council but they told me they won’t clean it up. It is disgusting, and a health risk.”

Rumesh Patel, who lives in the North Circular Road, said: “Rubbish is left here all the time.

“We have been telling them for donkeys years that we need this to stop. But they aren’t doing anything.”

The manager of the Iceland store which backs on to the road, said the same group of men who dump rubbish also break into their food bins and scatter litter everywhere.

The manager, who asked not to be named, said: “We employ an outside company to clear the area, but we have to do a 24-7 job because every time we clean it, more is dumped.

“It is dumped right in front of our fire doors, which we have an obligation to keep clear.

“We are running a food retailer and we have to abide by strict rules.

“It is costly and a health hazard.

“I have contacted the council so many times, but there is no plan. The council are passing the buck onto us.”

A Brent Council spokeswoman said they had received two complaints since October.

She added: “The rubbish may be unsightly, but it is not currently considered an environmental health issue.

“The council will clear rubbish dumped on a public highway, but this alleyway is unregistered land with no traceable owner. Therefore the legal responsibility passes to the occupiers of the premises which back onto the alleyway to keep it clear.”