Anger in Dollis Hill over plans to put a waste facility next to homes and schools

Alison Hopkins

Alison Hopkins - Credit: Archant

Anger is mounting in Dollis Hill where plans have been lodged to place a rubbish dump near where people live and go to school.

A planning application has been submitted to Barnet Council for a waste transfer station in Geron Way, in Cricklewood, which is part of the larger Brent Cross redevelopment plans.

Alison Hopkins, a member of the Dollis Hill Residents Association is busy distributing 4,000 letters to warn neighbours of the blight coming to the area and is in process of setting up an online petition.

She said: “The existing dump in Brent Terrace is currently in an area with no housing and they want to move it here, near to people’s homes and schools.

“There will be food waste, general waste, all kinds of recycling coming from all over London, which will then be taken back out again. There will be several hundred refuse trucks a day coming in and out the Edgware Road which is already one of the most polluted roads in London. None of this is Brent’s rubbish.”

The former Dollis Hill councillor said she has been fighting the impact of road layout plans on Dollis Hill for 12 years, which facilitate this facility.

She added: “Barnet says the site will be small. No it won’t. The North London Waste Authority (NLWA) originally objected to its rubbish being moved, on the grounds it was near homes and schools, and now are now magically in favour.

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“Barnet is not listening to us and Brent Council is not standing up for us. I hope people will open their envelopes and get cross.”

A spokesman for Barnet Council said approval was given for the transfer seven years ago for work to begin on the new Thameslink station due to open in 2022 and the wider Brent Cross regeneration programme. Revised plans “have reduced the size of the waste facility by 75 per cent,” he said adding: “Residents have the opportunity to give their views as part of the planning consultation which is currently open.”

NLWA said the Geron Way site was an “acceptable replacement” following a compulsory purchase order of its Hendon plant.

A Brent Council spokeswoman said Barnet Council has asked them to comment on the proposal and a response is being worked on.

She added: “We will take into account the impact of the proposal on Brent residents.”