Alperton gardener scores a hat-trick with his giant spinach plant

Dr Harekrishna Bhowal has a history of growing supersized vegetables and fruits

A keen gardener has produced a giant spinach plant to make even Popeye green with envy for the third time.

Dr Harekrishna Bhowal, who has a history of growing supersized vegetables and fruits, has scored a hat trick with his latest crop of spinach.

The former barrister, who lives in Burns Road, Alperton, has produced a mammoth plant currently standing at seven and a half feet tall with leaves measuring 72 cm by 28cm.

It is nearly 20 inches bigger than the average sized spinach plant.

Speaking to the Times, the 77-year-old explained the secrets behind his success.

He said: “I make sure I loosen the soil around the roots every day and keep watering it.

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“That way it has plenty of time to grow and build strength. I cannot believe how big it has got.”

In May 2010, Dr Bhowal’s crop of spinach leaves measured a whooping 58cm by 23cm, with a second bunch measuring 80cm by 24cm four months later.

Explaining his passion for gardening, he added: “Some people sit at home and watch TV after they retire but I like making vegetables and fruit, because it gives me the exercise I need and it is fun.

“I give them to neighbours and friends when they are ready; for as long as I am able to I will keep growing food.”

Dr Bhowal’s garden, which is full of rich pickings also includes potatoes, cabbages chillies and has a fully loaded plum tree.