'We need more action to make Brent safe for women'

Tributes left for Sabina Nessa at Pegler Square in Kidbrooke, south London. The body of 28-year-old

Tributes left for Sabina Nessa at Pegler Square in Kidbrooke - Credit: PA

No one should fear their walk home, a walk to meet a friend, or to the local shop.

For women however even these most normal of journeys need to be carefully planned and organised for the fear of coming across the wrong person along the way.

We have all been horrified by the tragic murder of Sarah Everard. Last year, in Brent, two women, sisters Nicole Smallman and Bibaa Henry were brutally killed in a local park. Last month, 28 year old teacher, Sabina Nessa was murdered close to where she lived.

Every life lost is an indescribable tragedy, but these four women represent just a tiny fraction of those who experience daily fear and intimidation by men. As we remember their lives, we also need to think about countless other names we haven’t heard, and also sadly recognise that there will be more.

Cllr Anton Georgiou, Liberal Democrat

Anton Georgiou fears for the safety of his sisters as they walk home - Credit: Cllr Anton Georgiou

We need to tackle why some men believe that they are entitled to abuse women and in some cases, perpetuate violent acts, even kill. Until we do, this will continue.

Misogyny is deeply rooted in public institutions. A report by Femicide Census recently revealed that at least 15 serving or former male police officers have killed women in the UK since 2009. Why are those in power turning a blind eye?

We need local action too, better lighting on widely used walking routes and in our parks, better communication from the council on reporting crime, and above all a focus on educating boys and young men in schools.

As a brother, I fear the safety of my sisters as they walk home. They, along with every other woman, deserve better.

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Anton Georgiou is a Lib Dem councillor for Alperton.