Almost 30 dogs dumped on the streets of Brent since the beginning of February

Claudia was put to sleep after being abandoned in Monks Park

Claudia was put to sleep after being abandoned in Monks Park - Credit: Archant

Borough has seen an increase in heartless owners abandoning their pets

Ace was found dumped in Queen's Park

Ace was found dumped in Queen's Park - Credit: Archant

Almost 30 dogs have been dumped on the streets of Brent by their heartless owners since the beginning of February.

In one tragic incident an abandoned pitbull had to be put to sleep because no one came forward for her and she is a banned breed under The Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.

The dog, who was named Claudia by animal welfare workers, was found starving, freezing and alone tied to a bench late at night in Monks Park earlier this year.

She was covered in sores and was so emancipated she was unable to walk but remained affectionate until the end.

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The borough has seen an increase in dumped dogs in the borough especially Pitbulls.

Ace is another dog that was found tied to a park bench in Queens Park just before Christmas with a note attached to him from his owner saying they could no longer look after him.

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Luckily he will not be put down as he is not a Pitbull but another bull breed needing a home.

Craig Johnstone, Brent Council’s animal welfare manager, said: “No animal should be left to starve and freeze to death; this was a cruel, heartless and illegal act which sadly is becoming more common in our borough.

“Anyone who wants an animal must think about how they will care for it for the next 10 to 15 year.”

The council offers low cost micro-chipping and the Mayhew Animal Home in Trenmar Gardens, Kensal Green, do free bull breed neutering.

For more details about Brent Council Animal Welfare Service 020 8937 5256 or email

For more information about the Mayhew call 020 8969 0178 or visit www.

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