Accident and Emergency department in Central Middlesex Hospital to close

Casualty will be axed despite being rebuilt in 2006

The Accident and Emergency department at Central Middlesex Hospital will be certain to close following the launch of a new proposal for health care across North West London.

Under the plans, called Shaping a Healthier Future, which were officially announced today, (Monday), three options were put forward for health care and hospital reform.

However none of them included the hospital in Acton Lane, Park Royal, retaining its A&E department, despite the fact it was only built in 2006.

Speaking at the launch, Dr Mark Spencer, medical director for the programme, said: “We looked at all the options but it is not possible to keep the A&E department open and running as it is now.

“Unfortunately when the hospital was built, it was far too big and with too many departments for the people it served so it is not viable to keep it open.

“The hospital still has an Urgent Care Centre which is open 24 hours a day and can treat patients within 4 hours of arrival and that will remain open.”

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Last year the hospital’s A&E department had its opening hours halved and is currently closed overnight.

The proposals are being implemented to attempt to address health issues across eight North West London boroughs.

Dr Spencer added: “Our preferred option is for the hospital to now act as an elective centre offering specialist services.

“The changes will allow us to create a better system for keeping people well in the community and preventing the unnecessary hospital admissions that are putting a strain on NHS resources.”

Northwick Park Hospital, in Watford Road, will continue to act as a major hospital with an A&E department.

Consultation for the proposals will start today and run for 14 weeks.

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