A glass of stout the secret to a long life says 100 year old Harlesden woman

Miss Christine celebrated her centenary shortly before New Year’s Day

A woman has celebrated her 100th birthday and revealed the secret to a long life – Dragon stout.

Christine Afflick, a former chef who lives with her daughter, granddaughter and great grandchildren in Leopold Road, Harlesden, turned 100 on December 29.

Known affectionately as Miss Christine, Mrs Afflick moved from Jamaica to Brent 18 years ago to live with her daughter, Carmen Brown.

Surrounded by birthday cards, including one from the Queen, Miss Christine said: “I feel alright – in fact I feel pretty good for my years.

“What has kept me young all these years? God knows. I do love my Dagon stout, maybe that has helped.”

Bit while the 100-year-old credits a regular dose of the black stuff with her longevity, her daughter thinks it something a little closer to home that keeps her going.

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Carmen Brown said: “Family is very important to her – it is what keeps her going. She is happy here with all her family around her.”

Family and friends toasted Miss Christine’s centenary at a large party on New Year’s Day.