90 year old volunteer racks up 30 years at hopsital

Northwick Park hospital volunteer for 70 years between them

A 90-year-old woman has been praised by the hospital she continues to volunteer at after more than 30 years.

Dyllis Proudfoot began helping out at Northwick Park Hospital in 1979 when she lived just a few streets away in Blockley Road, North Wembley.

Ms Proudfoot spent her first 22 years at the hospital as a volunteer driver making sure patients made their appointments on time but now helps out in the office.

She said: “I am too old to drive patients now, but when I was a voluntary driver it was nice to know that I was making sure patients made their appointments.”

However the pensioner, who now lives in Ruislip, remembers not always being so keen on the hospital when it was built in 1970.

She said: “We weren’t happy at the time when we saw a large part of a park disappearing, but as it was so that a hospital could be built we soon forgave them.”

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Ms Proudfoot’s young friend Audrey Alpe was also singled out for praise after helping out for a staggering 38 years.

The 78-year-old from Harrow began volunteering at the Hospital in 1973 fundraising and giving out magazines to patients.

She said: “I have used this hospital myself and I know what it’s like to be on a ward with no one to speak to. I hope have been able to add some cheer to patients over the years.”