Dudden Hill neighbours successfully campaign against 5G mobile masts in their area

Dudden Hill neighbours successfully campaign against 18 metre 5G mast near their homes. Picture: Mar

Dudden Hill neighbours successfully campaign against 18 metre 5G mast near their homes. Picture: Mark Cummins. - Credit: Archant

‘People power won the day’ in Dudden Hill after neighbours successfully campaigned against a 5G mobile phone mast in their neighbourhood.

Hutchinston 3G proposed an 18 metre 5G mast with a wrap around and three cabinets on Cullingworth Road.

Neighbours appealed against the poles citing a loss of footpath space, the height of the mast and security concerns for the property next door as the cabinets would facilitate jumping over the residential back wall.

Last month Brent Council rejected the application.

5G - billed as the “next generation” of mobile coverage - operates at a much higher frequency than its predecessors, and continues to be rolled out in cities across the UK.

Jackie Morrell, of Fleetwood Road, said: “It was a great relief to learn that the council had taken in all our many concerns about the proposed installation and has refused approval.

“It is a very difficult time for all of us now coping with the pandemic and this extra stress has been awful for us and our neighbours throughout the area. We are not against the technology but it must benefit everyone and not infringe upon anyone’s quality of life.”

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Lead petitioner Kishan Patel, added: “Once we were made aware of the proposed plans on August 18, we took it upon ourselves to inform and engage the local community, including the church, school, and residents of Fleetwood House.

“The overwhelming response was opposition to the proposed location of the mast, along with questions as to why other, more suitable locations were not firstly considered.

“Whilst I do understand and appreciate that technological advancements may necessitate the mast, this proposed location was clearly unsatisfactory. We are pleased with the council’s decision and this represents a great victory for the local community.”

Cllr Anton Georgiou: “I supported the petition along with my grandmother as we worried about the impact the mast would have. I am pleased the council have refused this application. It is essential that wherever masts like this are installed, thorough assessments of their impact are conducted. Really great that people power won the day!”