Alongside candidates in the upcoming 2024 General Election debating their policies and beliefs on our TV screens has been the 2024 Love Island cast having arguments of their own.

There have been humorous moments in the show where Love Islanders have questioned who the Prime Minister of “President” of the UK is and talked about the 2024 election.

This has begged the question from fans of whether or not the contestants are able to vote tomorrow (Thursday, July 4).

Love Island is filmed in Mallorca and begun on June 3, 2024.

Contestants fly out knowing that they may stay the full course of the entire eight-week show, or they could leave after just 24 hours.

This means that they could have missed the deadline of registering to vote on June 18 if they had not planned to stay as long as they have.

Executive Producer Mike Spencer said on the record ahead of the series starting: “We want to make sure they are voting, because of course, we want everyone to vote.”

ITV has confirmed that the opportunity was given for islanders to vote by proxy before going into Love Island and that they were encouraged to do this.

Love Island is currently in its heated Casa Amor stage, during which the male and female islanders are separated with zero communication and given the chance to bond with a whole other crop of singletons.

They must then make the decision of whether they would like to stick with their previous partner or bring a person they have a new, romantic spark with back to the villa.