A man who spent days in a coma after suffering a heart attack during an England game made an emotional return to Wembley Stadium.

Antonello Tordio, 62, was last at the stadium to watch England play Italy in October 2023, when he suddenly had a heart attack during the game.

The medical team at the stadium were with the fan for 30 minutes to care for him before he was taken to hospital.

From there, the Bristol man spent several days in a coma and has since made a full recovery.

Antonello was given the opportunity to return to the stadium once more as he was called back as a special guest to watch the Emirates FA Cup final on May 25.

As well as getting to watch Manchester United beat Manchester City 2-1, Antonello also met up with the stadium’s medical team once more to thank the heroes.

He said: “Without the team’s swift intervention I wouldn’t be here today. My family would be without a husband, father and son. I have been blessed with life and am thankful for being alive.”

Head of medical at Wembley Stadium, Mark Cutler, added: “It’s great to see Antonello has made a full recovery and it was a pleasure seeing him back at Wembley once again. His life hung in the balance for quite some time and our team worked hard to give him the best chance of survival.”