A school has been praised for creating a “vibrant, inclusive culture” in its latest Ofsted report.

The education watchdog gave Kingsbury High School, in Princes Avenue, its second-highest ‘good’ rating after visits on both January 31 and February 1.

Inspectors found that pupils felt valued and listened to, and as a result they enjoyed learning.

The report stated: “Sixth form students enjoy an exceptional educational experience. They are taught by highly knowledgeable teachers who are aspirational for their futures.”

Staff were repeatedly praised by Ofsted, which said they “want the best for pupils” and have a warm working relationship with them.

Kingsbury High’s curriculum was described as ambitious and well-planned due to its wide range of subjects and the complex ideas that were taught with clarity to ensure that the students achieve well.

“The school is well led and managed. Staff work in the best interests of pupils. They feel well supported by the school and they appreciate the training they receive.”

Children are also taught the ‘Kingsbury way’, which focuses on respecting each other and the environment.

Ofsted said these approaches contributed to the reduction of pupils suspended from the school and most behaved well.

However inspectors noted that in some subjects, the checking and addressing of pupils’ understand were sometimes missed, leading to some errors.

And systems to check that all pupils benefits from extra-curricular opportunities are not fully developed.

Headteacher Alex Thomas said: “It was really encouraging that inspectors were able to see many of our key strengths and that the report contained so many highlights.

“Most pleasing were the positive comments about our fantastic students and staff. The school will not be resting on its laurels, we have ambitious plans for the future and will be working hard to build on this strong report.”