People across the country are set to go to the polls on May 2 – so what elections will we be voting in in north London?

More than 2,600 council seats are up for grabs nationwide, but there is still another two years until all of those in London will be on the ballot.

Instead, voters in the capital will have their say on who will represent them at the London Assembly and as London Mayor.

In total, 25 Assembly Members (AMs) will be elected next month – 11 to represent the whole capital, and the remainder individual constituencies.

These AMs play an important role in holding the Mayor to account by publicly examining policies and programmes through committee meetings and investigations.

Under this proportional representation system, voters are given two ballot papers – one yellow and one orange.

The yellow ballot paper is to elect a constituency AM, and voters can mark one cross next to a candidate of their choice.

London-wide AMs are voted for using the orange ballot paper, and people can place one cross next to the party or independent candidate they wish to vote for.

The London Mayor will also be elected on May 2, with incumbent Sadiq Khan hoping to win an unprecedented third term in office.

He faces competition from Conservative and current AM Susan Hall, among others.

The election will be the first mayoral election to be run as first past the post - the same system as general elections - in changes brought in by the Conservative government in 2022.

Elections were previously run under the supplementary vote system, giving voters a first and second choice, in which second choices could determine a winner if no candidate received an absolute majority of first choice votes.

Some council by-elections will also be taking place in north London on May 2.

These votes are typically held when a councillor has resigned their position, and the party affiliation of candidates standing in each election might vary.

Here are the by-elections that will be taking place in north London next month.


Frognal ward


Hillrise ward


De Beauvoir ward

Hoxton East and Shoreditch ward

Get ready to vote

  • Make sure you register to vote for the upcoming elections on May 2. You can complete the process conveniently online through the GOV.UK website. Make sure your voice counts by registering before midnight on April 16. 
  • Make sure you bring valid photo ID to the polling station when you cast your vote.