A television show about the phone hacking scandal is reportedly being filmed in the streets of Kilburn.

A letter posted to X suggests that camera crews for a new ITV drama called Project Mandrake will be filming in and around Cavendish Road this week.

This included closing the road for 11 hours yesterday afternoon and evening (February 20), and suspending some parking spaces.

According to the letter, suspended parking was necessary to control “the age of the vehicles seen in our scenes” due to the period the TV drama is set.

Anyone with a car made in 2009 or before was told they might be able to still park their car in the road despite the restrictions.

While the letter did not confirm any details about the new TV show, entertainment website The Cinemaholic had previously reported that ITV has greenlit a new series titled Mandrake.

The series was reportedly expected to tell the story of the phone hacking scandal and the downfall of Rupert Murdoch’s News of the World.

The News of the World was discontinued in 2011 – only a couple of years after cars potentially exempt from the Cavendish Road parking restrictions were made.

Filming is expected to take place until 11pm this evening, continuing between 11.30 and 10.30pm tomorrow (February 22), and between 11.30am and 9.30pm on Friday (February 23).