One of the men who escaped from an immigration centre during a riot was arrested outside a coffee shop in Colindale.

A total of 13 men escaped from the notorious Yarl’s Wood detention centre in Bedfordshire on April 28 last year. 

They took advantage of the riot to escape through an outside door in the sports hall, then broke through three fences. 

The 13 men have now been jailed for more than 21 years and police have revealed where the men were caught. 

Enea Shima, 28, was arrested by Metropolitan Police officers on May 3 at an address in Bromley, south east London. 

Meanwhile officers tracked Bilbil Bodini, 27, to an address in Hendon, north west London, where he was arrested on May 7. 

Luftin Hallaci, 21, handed himself in at Romford Police Station on May 9. 

Rizah Koka, 29, was arrested outside a coffee shop in Colindale, north west London, on May 4. 

He was with another man and had a set of keys which led police to an address which contained £50,000 of cocaine, £63,000 of cannabis, and £70,000 in cash. 

While officers searched the flat, another man, Samuel Boka, 22, of Heritage Avenue in Colindale, turned up and was arrested for his part in drugs operation. 

All three men pleaded guilty to being concerned in the supply of cannabis and cocaine, as well as possession of criminal property. 

Koka was jailed for five years, including a six-month sentence for escaping lawful custody, at Luton Crown Court in December. 

Bodini and Hallaci were jailed for eight months for escaping lawful custody, while Shima was jailed for six months.

Detective Chief Inspector Matt Inwood said: “This was a dangerous and brazen escape attempt by men who were awaiting deportation. 

“Thousands of hours have been spent by our Bedfordshire officers and staff as well as law enforcement colleagues across the country in order to apprehend those who escaped. 

“This behaviour was completely unacceptable and a flagrant breach of the law.”