A Brazilian bar has lost its licence after pills believed to be class A drugs were found behind the bar during a drug raid.

Santafé Hall in High Street, Harlesden, was temporarily closed after drugs were found at the premises in November.

Police issued a temporary closure notice on December 13 and a temporary closure was issued on December 28 at Willesden Magistrates’ Court prohibiting entry until March 27 this year.

After the Metropolitan Police applied for a licence review, Brent Council’s alcohol and entertainment licensing sub-committee concluded yesterday (January 23) that the bar's licence would be revoked – meaning it will not be able to operate when the police closure order is lifted in March. The bar can appeal the council's decision in court.

PC Brendon Mcinnes, the North West Basic Unit officer in charge of Brent licensing, told Brent Council that he was aware of issues in Harlesden including “the prolonged problems with supply of drugs and anti-social behaviour in Harlesden”.

Brent & Kilburn Times: A closure notice placed in DecemberA closure notice placed in December (Image: @MPSHarlesden / Stock)

According to an application submitted to review the licence, a search was conducted on November 17 and “a number of pills” were discovered behind the bar, believed to be class A drugs.

A staff member was subsequently arrested on suspicion of possession of class A drugs with intent to supply. The police investigation is ongoing.

Police told the council a fight had taken place at the premises on December 3, shortly before the three-month closure notice was issued on December 13.

Other than the suspected drug dealing linked to the venue, there were repeated complaints over the years of loud music at “night club levels” and anti-social behaviour.

One person wrote: “Loud music plays non-stop, customers shouting on the street and drinking outside on the pavement. The place actually operates as a nightclub, not a restaurant or cocktail bar.”

Another person said that music and a performer continued to play at the bar despite the closing time being 11pm.

Sgt Cesar Sanguineti, of the Harlesden Town Centre Team, said: “I honestly believed that allowing Santafé Hall to operate in the Harlesden area, in spite of all the reasonable concerns raised above, would not only undo all police’s efforts to make Harlesden a safer area, but would seriously impact the wellbeing of the local community.

“One more crime in the local area attributable to Santafe Hall’s activities is one crime too many.”

Cllr Jumbo Chan, for Harlesden and Kensal Green, supported the decision to withdraw Santafé’s licence and said the closure orders have made a "real and tangible difference to life on the street".

He added: “They have helped to decrease anti-social and other criminal activities, and therefore have made [the area] more welcoming to residents and visitors.”

The criminal investigation into alleged drug trading linked to the venue continues.

Other local businesses in Harlesden have separately been issued closure orders after alleged antisocial behaviour and drug dealing in the area, following a mass raid on eight businesses and homes in August.

Sefar Café and El Tacos will not be allowed to open until February 23, 2024.

Fortune Launderette & Dry Cleaning, in Park Parade, will remain closed until March 4.

Baraca Hands hair salon, in Harlesden High Street will remain shut until March 7.