People evacuated after a gas leak have been told they will have to wait longer until they can return to their homes.

Some residents are still waiting in temporary accommodation after 50 homes were cleared at Malvern Road, Maida Vale / West Kilburn, last night (January 4) from 4.50pm.

A 24-inch gas had ruptured, and as engineers tried to stem the leak, Cadent gas network discovered a sinkhole under the road caused by a burst wastewater main.

Engineers will work over the next few days to ensure the security of the gas pipes in and near the hole, but residents have been warned that the gas supply to a few properties may be cut off until the sinkhole has been made safe.

In a new update as of 12pm today (January 5), Cadent said the following streets can return home:

  • Stafford Close
  • McDonald House, Malvern Road
  • Joan Ratcliff House, Chippenham Gardens
  • Wiggins House, Malvern Road
  • Doveberry Place, Malvern Road
  • Shirland Road
  • Malvern Road - numbers higher than number 55 only

People in Malvern Road from number 54 and below, or Malvern Mews between number 1 and 55 have been told to wait longer.

Cadent said it was “not your everyday gas escape when you also discover a sink hole”.

Later in the evening, Brent Council set up a rest centre for families unable to return to their homes at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, Stafford Road, as well as Granville Plus Family Centre, Carlton Vale.

Brent & Kilburn Times: Emergency services were called to Malvern RoadEmergency services were called to Malvern Road (Image: London Fire Brigade)

A 25-metre cordon was put in place and people were warned to stay away from the area and keep windows and doors closed.

The sinkhole discovered was reportedly around four metres in diameter and four metres deep.

No injuries were reported, the London Fire Brigade said.

The incident was declared over at 4.18am this morning (January 5).

Station Commander Tom Sharp, who was at the scene, said: "Crews worked closely with emergency services to carry out evacuations of the local area.

"There was a strong smell of gas and we encouraged people to keep their windows and doors closed.”

Cadent said: “We will continue to work with Brent Council, Thames Water and emergency services throughout this incident.”