Drugs were allegedly found at the site of a Brazilian bar after a police raid.

Santafé Hall in High Street, Harlesden, has been served a closure notice after the Metropolitan Police claim drugs were discovered.

According to a notice placed on the bar’s shutters, officers have "reasonable grounds to be satisfied that the premises has resulted or is likely to result in being a nuisance or disorder to the public", that a closure order is necessary to prevent this, and all appropriate bodies have been consulted.

Starting from yesterday (December 13) nobody is allowed to enter the bar except for the owners, emergency services, health workers, council or essential utility officials and official letting agents.

The notice expires at 6pm today (December 14).

Police have applied for a closure order to keep the doors closed for a longer period, with the case being heard at Willesden Magistrates’ Court today (December 14) at 10am.

Separately, other local businesses in Harlesden have been issued closure orders after alleged antisocial behaviour and drug dealing in the area, following a mass raid on eight businesses and homes in August.

Sefar Café and El Tacos will not be allowed to open until February 23, 2024.

Fortune Launderette & Dry Cleaning, in Park Parade, will remain closed until March 4.

Baraca Hands hair salon, in Harlesden High Street will remain shut until March 7.