A chicken shop where an online video appeared to show food piled up, dirty pots and a filthy floor was “clean and tidy” when visited by environmental health officers.

The video of Pepe’s Wembley High Road was posted to Instagram on November 20 and has since been viewed more than 4 million times.

It is captioned – ‘Pov: u eat at pepes’ with a vomiting face emoji – and appears to show the kitchen area of the restaurant.

The camera zooms in on food seemingly littering the floor, as staff work around it.

The footage also appears to show an oven encrusted with food and overspilling next to an open bin.

What look like uncleaned pots can also be seen close to this area of the kitchen.

Some social media users reacted with shock to the video, with one commenting: “That is nasty.”

Another said: “Looks like they’ll be getting an inspection soon.”

But others defended the restaurant, with one of the replies stating: “Not the people in the comments thinking any other restaurant/fast food operated any differently.

“Maybe grow from eating chicken and chips, and learn to cook.”

Brent Council has confirmed that its food safety team inspected the branch last Friday (November 24) after seeing “a video that went viral”.

Cllr Harbi Farah, cabinet member for safer communities and public protection, said: “The kitchen was subject to an inspection by our Environmental Health Officer who was assured by the restaurant’s management that they had taken relevant actions following the video that was taken, which had included deep cleaning, purchasing new equipment, and retraining staff.

“The officer reported the premises being clean and tidy with food safety records that were up to date.

“I would like to thank our food safety team for their very quick response making sure videos like the one that was circulating are a very rare occurrence.”

A spokesperson for Pepe’s said: “We are grateful for the local Environmental Health Officer for reinspecting the store and are delighted with their inspection report.”