There are revised plans to transform a disused police station into flats - and the public have been invited to have their say.

Willesden Green Police Station on High Road, Willesden, has remained empty since it was permanently closed in 2013.

Previous plans to convert the building - which dates back to 1896 and once housed the Met’s Sapphire sex crime unit and Brent's anti-social behaviour unit - have been refused.

In 2018 an application was put forward to demolish some existing buildings but retain the original police station building in a project to provide 30 homes - later reduced to 28 homes over four storeys.

The proposal was slammed, with over 100 people voicing their objections to the plans, particularly their height.

One person in October 2019 said that while the height was reduced, “these improvements do not go far enough” adding it would “detrimentally impact” living space and block out light. Another said it would be a “major intrusion" into privacy.

After an appeal was dismissed in 2022, Brent Council is set to receive a new application for 25 homes by the end of the year.

Estate agents Savills has sent details of a public consultation exhibition to discuss upcoming proposals for the site.

These include keeping a "much-loved" tree, removing a balcony to reduce the impact on neighbours, and setting the building back.

The consultation will take place on Thursday (November 2) between 4pm and 7.30pm at The Education Room at 95 High Road, Willesden Green.

A flyer reads: “At the exhibition we would like to present our revised design and we would welcome your thoughts on our plans at this stage.

“The proposals have been amended in relation to planning inspectors’ decision.

“It is the intention to submit a planning application by the end of the year. The proposals include the retention of part of the police station building and the tree located on the site frontage. The scheme also includes 25 residential homes.”

A spokesperson from Savills said: "‘The development on 96 High Road, the former police station sold in 2013, has been highlighted by the Brent Local Plan as an allocated development.

"The new proposal includes retaining the historic police station building and a much-loved tree to promote a high quality development which reflects the architectural design of St Andrew’s Church, St Andrew’s School and the Willesden Green Baptist Church.  

"The new design has been amended to reduce the impact to the properties on 6 Huddlestone Road by removing the adjacent balcony and by setting the building back. The consultation is an opportunity to illustrate how the plans have changed and the benefits associated with the development to the community."