A woman was racially abused while on board on a bus, according to witnesses.

The 260 bus was travelling near to High Street, Harlesden, as an argument broke out between a Muslim woman and a man on September 5 at around 11.30am.

According to Shamim Chowdhury, a journalist who was on board at the same time, a woman was referred to as a jihadi and other comments were made regarding her religious faith.

She claimed that the man also swore at the woman, who was holding a pushchair with a baby.

Mayor of Brent, Cllr Orleen Hylton, said she was also on the same bus when the incident broke out.

The mayor said: "It is horrifying that a young woman, with a child, could be verbally abused just because of her faith in a packed TfL bus in broad daylight.

“I didn't witness the full situation unfold although I did hear raised voices when I was sat at the front of the bus. It was at the stop before mine, as I was preparing to get off, that I moved to the exit doors.

“As a single female travelling alone, I know the victim must have felt very intimidated – as I did too.

“I do sincerely hope that the victim is ok and that the police and Transport for London (TfL) are investigating thoroughly so he can be brought to justice."

Cllr Muhammed Butt, leader of Brent Council, said: “There is absolutely no place for hate crime anywhere in the UK, but especially in one of most diverse boroughs in the country.

“We would like to thank the individual who has highlighted this terrible case of Islamophobia in our borough. We have been in touch with the police and TfL and trust that a thorough investigation will take place.

“Islamophobia is a blight on our communities, it is a vile and unacceptable form of discrimination that has no place in our borough we will continue the fight to make sure that Brent is an inclusive and accepting place for people of all faiths and backgrounds.”

Brent Council also mentioned that it will be hosting a range of events to mark Islamophobia Awareness Month during November.

Police have been contacted for comment.