"Round the clock" work is under way to prevent more flash floods in Wembley this weekend, Brent Council's leader says.

Tokynton Avenue in Wembley was flooded for the second time in a fortnight following a downpour on Wednesday.

An area of around a square mile was left under a metre of water, with one man rescued by London Fire Brigade after he was trapped in his van

On July 27, gardens in Tokyngton Avenue had been submerged following heavy rain overnight.

Brent Council leader Cllr Butt, who represents Tokyngton, said: “The Environment Agency is investigating what has caused the flooding with the owners of the land adjacent to Wembley Brook.

“With more rain expected this weekend, we’re working around-the-clock with the Environment Agency and other partners to bolster the flood preventative measures in the area.

"This includes the EA providing additional pumps and hoses."

Blogger and environmentalist Martin Francis, who lives in Wembley, believes a major cause is paving over of front and back gardens, meaning that heavy rain it is not soaked up by soil but pools on hard surfaces.

Brent & Kilburn Times: Flooded garden in Brent following torrential rain on August 2Flooded garden in Brent following torrential rain on August 2 (Image: LFB)

He warned that new buildings planned beside the Wembley Brook by Stonebridge Park Station might worsen the situation.

He said: "One they have planned is 20-something storeys on the site of Argenta House, which used to be a two storey building, and the Wembley Brook threads its way through that site to the River Brent.

"There's a vulnerability there that hasn't really been addressed."

Cllr Ketan Sheth, who represents north Wembley, said the Tokyngton area has "historically always been a flood plain" and climate change will bring more downpours and flash flooding.

"In the past there was always flooding in Tokyngton Recreation Ground, now called Brent Park," he added.

"The underpass was particularly affected, it becomes like a container for all this water, so all traffic had to be diverted.

"I don't know what was done to minimise flooding but it always happens unfortunately.

Brent & Kilburn Times: Flooded underpass in Wembley Flooded underpass in Wembley (Image: LFB)

"We are a pretty tolerant community when something like this happens, but I'm sure residents will be asking why there's a flood every time there's a downpour."