Plans have been put forward for a new 20mph speed limit on a busy main road.

Brent Council and Camden Council are working together to review the existing speed limit on the A5 Shoot-Up Hill and Kilburn High Road between the junctions of Walm Lane and Oxford Road.

The proposal states that currently all other roads coming off the A4 on Camden Council’s side of the boundary are already 20mph, and almost all the roads from Brent Council’s side of the boundary also match that limit.

A consultation document on Brent Council's website said: “As more and more people are choosing to walk and cycle across the borough, we must reduce the risk of them being killed or seriously injured.

“Lowering traffic speed also makes our streets less polluted, and better and safer places to walk and cycle.”

Brent & Kilburn Times: A graphic shared by Brent Council to show the proposalA graphic shared by Brent Council to show the proposal (Image: Brent Council / Google Maps)

Visit to take part.

In a letter explaining the public consultation, Brent Council have said there will be no new physical traffic control measures such as speed cushions, humps or entry treatments, but existing 30mph signs will be replaced with the new 20mph signs.

A questionnaire has been published to gather thoughts on the proposal.

Anyone wishing to voice their opinion have up until August 14.