Children staged a carnival parade for the Mayor of Brent with art pieces they had made themselves.

Performances to celebrate Afro-Caribbean history at Salusbury Primary School in Queen's Park included playing djembe drums with Brent Music Service, a steel band called Solid Steel and a choir of pupils aged seven to 10.

“This was the start to what will be an annual celebration,” headteacher Michelle Ginty revealed. “It is building on the school’s rich and diverse curriculum focusing on remembering, respecting and flourishing together.”

The carnival at the school in Queen's Park was the finale of a month where pupils celebrated their black history and culture. These included walks in central London to learn about their community.

The children had also visited the Theorem rehearsal studios in Willesden, formerly known as Brent Black Music Cooperative, an internationally-renowned hub for reggae music opened in the 1980s. They explored the history of reggae and Caribbean music and even recorded a song, which they later performed for their families and Mayor Orleen Hylton.