A man who carried out a 'brutal' and unprovoked attack on a woman has been jailed.

Guliwali Stanekzay, 22, who attacked a lone woman on Minet Avenue in Brent "without any provocation" on Feburary 26, was sentenced at Harrow Crown Court yesterday (July 6).

Stanekzay will serve a total sentence of three years and one month.

DC Jacob Eyres of the North West Command Unit, said: “Stanekzay brutally attacked a lone woman in the street without any provocation.

"The attack was shockingly violent, and one can only imagine the terror this prolonged assault caused."

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A woman in her early 20s was walking along the street while talking on her phone.

Stanekzay was cycling along the same road when he began to pursue her.

She ran but Stanekzay followed and then barged into her.

The woman went into a front garden to take shelter, but Stanekzay followed and then began to beat her.

Footage from a doorbell camera showed him repeatedly punching the helpless woman while she cried out for aid.

The house owner opened the door and gave her sanctuary, however when he shut the front door Stanekzay attacked it in an apparent attempt to force his way in.

After repeated attempts to force his way in and smashing the doorbell camera, Stanekay left the front garden and began to attack and damage a nearby car.

The owner of the car had nothing to do with the incident.

Meanwhile the victim had called a relative and told him what had happened.

When he arrived on the scene Stanekzay attacked him with repeated blows to the face.

After this final assault Stanekzay fled the scene.

The woman and man required hospital treatment, but their injuries were not life changing.

The damage caused to the car and the house ran into thousands of pounds.

Stanekzay was arrested on March 1.

The investigation was passed to CID at the North West Command Unit as a priority investigation.

As a result of images captured on CCTV, officers and members of the public came forward to identify the attacker as Stanekzay.

However, Stanekzay was on the run and moving from place to place in an attempt to avoid arrest.

Stanekzay would give no explanation for his actions and he was subsequently charged with numerous offences.

He was charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm for two and a half years and assault occasioning actual bodily harm for one and a half years (concurrent).

Stanekzay was also charged with criminal damage for four months (concurrent) and a seperate criminal damage charge of three months (concurrent).

He has also been charged with breach of a suspended sentence order for 24 weeks consecutively.

Stanekzay will serve a total sentence of three years and one month.

He pleaded guilty to the above at a Harrow Crown Court hearing on May 22.

DC Eyres added: "I would urge any women or girl who has been the victim of a violent offence to contact police."