An eyewitness has described seeing a man with a pickaxe following a double stabbing at a hospital in north London.

Police were called to Central Middlesex Hospital in Park Royal at 1.18pm to reports of a stabbing.

Gareth Browne, a steeplejack contracted to repair the chimney at the Acton Lane hospital, claimed he saw a man chase two men who managed to escape.

He added that a man went on a “mad rampage” with a pickaxe, allegedly attacking two people.

Gareth told PA that the man then screamed at him, saying “get out of my f****** way – this is none of your business”, before running into the hospital.

Amie Ferris-Rotman was also at Central Middlesex Hospital earlier today visiting the hospital dialysis unit with her father.

She told Sky News that police checked the area where they were before locking them in a nurses’ room for around 45 minutes.

She said: “All the dialysis patients were quite freaked out.

“And at one point those who were about to go onto dialysis were put on wheelchairs and brought into a room, which is where we were as well, and they were locked in.”

Police confirmed that two victims had been rushed to hospital, one of whom had life-threatening injuries.

A man arrested in connection with the incident is also believed to be in hospital with life-threatening injuries.