Brent Council has been accused of "false promises" after a couple were told they can no longer park outside the home they have been living in for eight years.

Yunus Patel and his wife Rashida Yusuf say they were told they could park in Cambridge Avenue after they were "forced out" of their home in nearby Cambridge Road as part of the South Kilburn Regeneration Plan in 2015.

But in December the council told them Cambridge Avenue is a "car free zone" and they began receiving penalty charge notices.

After two complaints, the council has arranged for all their outstanding PCNs to be closed and paid £300 compensation, but says the couple's only alternative is to move.

Mr Patel said the couple asked previous housing provider Catalyst Housing whether they could park there when they moved in, and have a contract saying they could.

But after Brent Council took back the housing, "all of a sudden" they were told they could no longer park there.

Mr Patel said: "They told us that our development was always a car free zone but no-one told us about this when we moved in.

"I had to go through two stages of appeal, they've finally come back and (are) buying me off by giving me £300 compensation and (cancelled) £800 in PCNs."

Mr Patel said the couple were "forced out" of their original flat, where there is now underground parking.

He added: "For eight years they never said anything.

"They forced us to move under false promises."

Mr Patel added the couple had spent £40,000 decorating and developing their property, and he had spent £35,000 on a car last year.

He added: "They've lied through their teeth."

A Brent Council spokesperson said: “This is an unfortunate case and we apologise to Mr Patel for the inconvenience caused."

They said planning permission for the Cambridge Avenue development was subject to an agreement designating most new properties ‘car free’ to maximise new homes and limit congestion.

They said when Mr Patel moved in he was allowed to park in a nearby car park on another estate but a new traffic management order now means only residents on that estate can use it. 

The added the council has offered to help Mr Patel and his family find an alternative property and provided a temporary parking solution while he considers his options.

Mr Patel said he would appeal to the Ombudsman.