A soul choir launched during the height of the Covid pandemic which had its Christmas debut in Wembley is to stage its first full concert in the West End.

Members of the London Collective Choir will perform at the Regent Hall in Oxford Street on Saturday June 3.

“It will be an evening to remember,” organiser Jessica Endonyan promises. “This is our first concert and will be memorable!”

The talent manager and BBC producer from Mill Hill, a passionate member of the London International Christian Church in Paddington, helped organise the choir’s performance at Wembley Stadium in December.

“It was a soulful session singing praises to God on the doorstep of Wembley,” she recalls. “It attracted a big crowd as passers-by and shoppers shelving their plans in order to listen to the choir singing gospel versions of Christmas carols.”

The choir has also performed at London Hays Galleria, Hyatt Regency in Paris and the Anaheim Stadium in Los Angeles.

Tickets for the June 3 Regent Hall concert start at £20 online on Eventbrite.

There is also a £50 VIP option, which comes with premiere seating, access to the VIP lounge and an escort into the venue without queuing.

Another first for the Choir is Clarity, a brand new Christian album released earlier this month.

It features original songs, including ‘I’ve been called to a new life’ and renditions of popular numbers including  ‘A night to remember’, the 80s top ten hit single by US soul group Shalamar.

The choir has been praised for its “musical prowess and soulful performances” on the album, by Michael Williamson, the lead evangelist of the London International Christian Church.

He said: “Each note, each lyric, and each arrangement beautifully reflect the message of hope and faith that we sought to convey.

“I can't stop saying, ‘I've been called to a new life.’ The album is truly amazing.”