Plans to build two tower blocks filled with hundreds of new homes have been given the green light despite concerns they could ‘irreversibly destroy’ the skyline. 

Pitman House and Fairgate House flats in Wembley will be demolished and replaced by one 13-storey and one 17-storey tower providing 349 flats and rooms for students.

The plan will bring more student accommodation to the area, following on from a number of developments close to Wembley Park Station and Wembley Stadium.


Some residents have expressed concerns about the changing face of Wembley, with many high-rise buildings obscuring the view of Wembley Stadium’s iconic arch.

One said on the planning portal: “This will in effect damage and irreversibly destroy the high street skyline view and common outdoor living space of residents.”

They added: “I’d suggest this area could be put to better use, there are not enough green spaces in this postcode. I would recommend building a park with trees as well as recreational or leisure for residents to use.”

The 349 rooms will be made up of 200 ‘cluster bed units’ – comprising of six to seven bedrooms joined to a kitchen and living space – on levels two to nine,  32 split level ‘studios’,  a two-bed student flat – across two floors at levels 10 to 11, and 109 studios.

There will also be a variety of communal spaces including kitchens, common areas, study spaces, a library, laundry room, gym and studio, as well as outdoor terrace space on the first floor and a rooftop terrace. The ground floor will have commercial space, which could be used for a restaurant, cafe, or retail shop.

Regal said the High Road development will have a number of benefits, including improving the local landscape and providing job opportunities during construction, as well as supporting Wembley’s student population by providing hundreds of new beds – 35 per cent of which are deemed affordable.

It claims the car-free nature of the scheme will also encourage greener travel, which will be boosted by a planned cycle hub and access to extensive public transport.