A “racist” tweet by a former Conservative party official is under investigation.

Floyd Dias do Rosario was deputy chair of membership for the Brent North Conservative Association until the group's annual general meeting (AGM) last week.

On June 6, 2020, Mr Dias do Rosario tweeted out a TikTok video titled 'Black Lives Matter is a joke'.

Cllr Michael Maurice, deputy leader of the Conservative group in Brent, said he was “appalled by this racist tweet”.

A spokesperson for the Conservative party confirmed that the matter is “currently under investigation”.

Black Lives Matter, an anti-racism movement dating back to 2013, received international attention after the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police Department officer Derek Chauvin.

But Mr Dias do Rosario appeared to ridicule the movement, using the hashtag “#joke” in the Tweet.

Brent & Kilburn Times: A screenshot of the Tweet which labels Black Lives Matter a jokeA screenshot of the Tweet which labels Black Lives Matter a joke (Image: Twitter)

When contacted, Mr Dias do Rosario claimed that he does not “handle” his own Twitter.

He added that he had himself “faced racism” in the UK and that he was “sorry” that the video had been tweeted.

He claimed that the video intends to explain that some people misappropriated the Black Lives Matter movement and “robbed shops” during the George Floyd protests.

Dias do Rosario’s Twitter account is now private, so only approved followers can view his tweets.

Cllr Maurice said: "I am appalled by this racist tweet, we do not condone any racists or inflammatory language, or social media posts. I will be reporting this to The Conservative Party's head office."

A Conservative Party spokesperson said they could not comment at this time due to the investigation.