A new Itsu restaurant is making its way to Wembley Park.

Adding to the plethora of eateries available in the area, the popular Asian-inspired restaurant will be opening right next to Wembley Stadium this month.

The brand says that the opening day is November 16, and signage is already in place next door to Amazon Fresh, in between the London Designer Outlet and the stadium.

Itsu's menu offers hot noodle and rice bowls, fresh sushi and salads as well as their signature steamed gyoza and bao buns.

There is also a new range of vegan stir-fry style noodles and jumbo sushi prawns.

The company says that the majority of dishes have less than 500 calories and cost less than £7.50.

Ollie Payne, the head of marketing at Itsu, said: “We’re looking forward to opening just metres from the world-class Wembley Stadium, providing a healthy and affordable fast-food option to the local area. Our new digital ordering screens will provide a lightning-fast and seamless ordering experience so our customers can pick-up a nutritious, energy packed dish before a big event.”